Taking Pride In Doing It Right!



Taking pride in protecting the environment

You want your soil and other parts of your land to stay protected.  If something happens to it, you can rely on our experts for safe, reliable cleanup services.


We have all the equipment needed to do any job. Our fleet includes: excavators, loaders, backhoes, road graders, and trucks.


You can always count on us to take pride in doing the job the right way the very first time we are hired. Depend on us for prompt, professional service for any environmental work.

All types of oil field and farm work

A-M Russell Excavating offers excavation work for oil fields and any projects that go along with it.  First, we can remove the soil so that pipelines can be installed.  Then, we can excavate, lay pipelines, prepare the sites, and transport equipment to and from the project locations.


You can be guaranteed that our work will be done correctly on your farmland as well.  Whether it be installing plumbing pipes or removing fuel tanks, you can count on us.  Roads can be built or we can cover up any pits in the ground.  


Environmental work

- Contaminated soil cleanup

- Snow removal

- Fuel rank removal

- Debris removal

- Tree removal

Your satisfaction is guaranteed for all the work that we do on your property or job sites.

Free estimates on cleanup work


Backhoe with a pile of gravel Man cutting the tree using chainsaw