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Trust the High Plains' Leading Heavy Construction Contractor

When it comes to earth moving, demolition, or other excavating projects, getting the job completed on time is critical.  We have made an investment in quality equipment that improves speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Property owners and general contractors have come to rely on Mike Russell to deliver their projects on time and on budget.  

Every Job Runs Safely and Efficiently

Our customers have trusted us to prepare the site work for their feedlots, commercial buildings, housing developments, farm buildings, and residential areas.


Our skilled machine operators make every job run safely and efficiently. We are proud of our team of long standing employees who are among the finest in the industry.

Excavation services

- Site Prep

- Demolition

- Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Road Grader, & Trucks

- Oil Field Services

- Building Pads

- Feed Lot Services

- Lagoon Construction & Restoration

We get the job done with excavators, loaders, backhoes, road graders, and trucks.

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- Debris & Tree Removal

- Basement Digging

- Sewer & Water Lines

- Snow Removal

- Contaminated Soil Cleanup

- Excavation

- Environmental

- Utility