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Site preparation is different in every situation

- Land Clearing  Includes stripping the topsoil for later use, removing trees and stumps that may be in the way and to make sure there is enough open space for the next phase.


- Excavation  This is important because it affects the long-term use of the building.  Most excavation is for the containment and control of water.   This might also include refiguring slops, retention ponds, or ditches. In this stage we level the area for the building, driveway, and parking area as well as digging basement or crawl space.


- Hauling:  We can dispose of any unwanted materials and, if requested, bring in fresh materials to make sure the proper base is formed.  This might include material for the building site and stone for parking areas and driveways.


- Septic Systems:  If your building is not connected to the city sewer system, we will dig the area where a septic tank will be installed.  


- Trenching:  If drain tile is necessary for gutters or other water channeling, we can provide a service to prepare the area.


- Compaction:  If there is an area where fill material is being moved or hauled in, compaction is an important step in making sure everything is compressed and stable for the next phase of the project.


- Site Material:  There are different options for the base which is dependent on the type of structure that  is being built.  From pole barns and steel buildings, to concrete or wood structures, we will furnish the right base material at your request.


- Final Grade:  When the building is complete you won’t want your property to look like a work site.  We give it a final grade by bringing back the topsoil we removed in the beginning and level the property.


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